International patients

Help and accessibility

Help and accessibility

This section aims at guiding you in the usage of the International Patients Portal.

In which cases should I use the International Patient Portal

The International Patients Portal allows you to address requests for medical care if you are in one of the following cases

  • You reside outside of France and are not covered by the French Social Security system
  • You are in France without French Social security welfare (no social insurance number or card / no 'Carte vitale')
  • You reside in France, you are covered by the French Social Security system, but the required care is not part of the coverage

Create and transfer a request

Only the requests that have been validated will be sent to the University Hospital (CHU) of Nantes. From then, it will not be possible to edit the request, but a mailbox will allow you to contact the University Hospital and give new information, if necessary.

Browsing a request

Each medical care request is structured in 4 different sections, available from the menu bar on top of each request view page :

  • Resquest
  • Mailbox
  • Estimate
  • Payment

While browsing in the different pages, clicking on the CHU logo on the top left corner will bring you back to the home page of the portal.

Other browsing systems

A thread available beneath the picture banner indicates where you are located and the path to get there.

Title browsing

  • A level 1 title represents the title of the section where you are currelty browsing ;
  • The level 2 title represents the title of the paragraph or article that you are consulting

Most of the support technologies and browsers are facilitating browsing by the titles. Most of the screen readers provides a functionality to jump to the next section.

Functionalities provided by your browser

Text size management

On all the pages of this portal, you are allowed to increase the size of the text.

On a PC, use the key combination Ctrl + « + » (the "plus" key) to increase the size of the text. The key combination Ctrl + « - » (the "minus" key) allows to reduce the size of the text. Successive pressing on those keys allows you to increase or dicrease the size of the text step by step. Also note that the key combination of Ctrl + 0 (the number "zero") allows you to come back to the default text size.

On a Mac, replace the Ctrl key by the Cmd key in the given combination to achieve the same actions.

Keybord browsing

This portal has been conceived in order to allow the keyboard browsing on all the pages. In most of the cases, you just have to click on the "Tab" key to navigate from one clickable element to another in the page, followin the reading order. Reversely, if you wish to navigate in the opposite direction, use the key combination Shift + Tab.


Keyboard users, you have the possibility to print any page of this portal by accessing in the desired page, then pressing simultaneously on the keys Ctrl + P of your keyboard if you are using a PC, or Cmd + P if you are using a Mac.


Keyboard users, you have the possibility to bookmark any page. To do so, access the desired page, then press the keys Ctrl + D on your keyboard if you are on a PC, Cmd + D if you are on a Mac.

Mobile version

The portal is suitable to be used on an desktop screen, smartphone or a tablet computer.

Report a malfunction

If, despite our attention, you are to meet any accessibility issue on our portal, do not hesitate to email us at