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About the portal , portal for medical care requests allowing to establish a cost estimate for the required care, has been conceived by the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital) and developed by Sigma.

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Publication policy

The International Patients Portal aims at easing the patient request towards a possible medical care in the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital). The portal allows to:

  • Share administrative information of the patient to the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital)
  • Share necessary medical details for the assessment of the request by the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital)
  • Receive a treatment proposal adapted to the formulated request, in addition to the associated cost estimate
  • Notify the CHU de Nantes (University Hospital) about the acceptation or not of this estimate

In the event that the estimate is accepted by the patient, their medical care will be taken into account only after receiving the payment in the given period of time. The following actions will then be done:

  • A medical care certificate will be delivered, allowing the visa request to be performed
  • The identified appointment(s) will be set up with the patient or requester

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